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How We Make History Come Alive

A Friendly Hand-Holding Journey to Make Your History Pop

Our services provide a helping hand to historic houses ready to bring their unique stories to life. We walk you through the exciting world of technology, illustrating its power to transform visitor experiences. From understanding your unique history and goals, to conceptualising and designing interactive tours, we take care of the tech while you focus on the content.

With our team, implementation becomes a breeze, ensuring smooth operation for an optimal visitor experience. To ensure a confident transition, we provide comprehensive training and ongoing support, alongside enhancing your online and onsite visitor engagement. And to top it all, we continually optimise your tour based on visitor feedback, making sure your museum always offers the best possible experience

Revitalising Historical Narratives: Your Turnkey Ticket to the Future of Historical Tours

Our purpose is focused towards helping the unique needs of historical houses. We can help you on the entire journey, from desire to having exciting visitor experiences. Or, we can help you with parts of the journey and offer support and advice as you need.

1. Research & Education:

We can help you understand and review various technological options that suit your unique needs. We focus on familiarising you with these technologies, especially Augmented Reality (AR), helping you understand its transformative potential for visitor experiences.

2. Discovery:

We immerse ourselves in your historic house and its unique stories. This deep dive helps us understand your vision and the experiences you want to share with your visitors.

3. Conceptualisation & Design:

Together we create a framework for your interactive tour, blending your house's history with your vision. Our design and development team then brings this vision to life, handling all the technical aspects and allowing you to focus on content and curation.

4. Implementation:

We execute the interactive tour in your historic house, testing and optimizing it for the best visitor experience.

5. Training & Support:

We guide you and your staff through the management of the new system, ensuring you're confident in navigating the technology. After implementation, we provide ongoing technical support to handle any queries or concerns.

6. Engagement:

We help enhance your overall visitor engagement strategy, including online and onsite, through website and physical media improvements.

7. Evaluation:

We continually assess visitor engagement and satisfaction, using these insights to make enhancements to the interactive tour.

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